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My Beach Wedding
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Monday, January 25, 2010

GRE: My Alphabet Book for Grad Students by Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed. Copyright 2010

Letter E
Letter E is a conversation between the soul and the
Eccentricity is actually ecstasy and I edict that we should edify students in this quality, as you learn how to be eclectic in your personality as you discern what is appropriate for you.  I believe that those who act like carbon copies of others are really lost souls.  "Oh, Poor soul, wherefore art thou?"  Soul:  "Here I am buried deep, deep , deep under all my layers of pretentious pretending perfection."  Moi:  "Alas, a mes jeune, je le voix." Soul:  "Yes, exactement! I lost myself in pretending to be someone else." Moi:  "Je l'entends, je le voix. Chant.

Yes, a soul must sing  and show ebullient  thoughts.  These emboss an embroidery of sweet elegy on my heart. This helps to eddy  and rise up my spirit and if you are fortunate this will efface the bain existence of the average poor soul who clocks in and out with a time card. Qui, je comprend.  Many would disagree; however it is with economy of expression that I continue to explore the letter E; hoping for an eclipse in understanding leading to my enlightenment. Soul:   "Je veux vivre, dans le reve."  Moi" "Qui, moi aussi." (Juliet, Romeo et Juliette - Gounod)
"Oh, soul, let me engross myself and elicit more effusive effrontery and let me leave behind the effete and emancipate my soul to ellysian encomiastic elegy.    I embrace this eminent goal and even though elliptical please continue to elucidate and exude your elixir.   Your erudite expressions encipher the song of my soul as if I am enamored  by this enclave that encapsulates my inner thoughts.  Empathize with this emissary of enlightenment and emend my egotistical and narcissistic tendencies that enchroach and energize yet may enervate if over used.  Please endear yourself to me my soul as I carry the encumberance of the world and engender and engross my ennui with the mundane."
Soul:  Emulate those who encroach on eminent and innovative ideas.  Engross yourself and enhance these often enigmatic thoughts and turn away from doubting the efficacy of your path to enlightenment."
Moi: "Evoke in me and exalt your ethereal ethos and evince your euphony and eulogy.  The words of the average exacerbate and exasperate my spirit as they essay to entice me to their errant pathethic average existence."
Soul:  "You may not expiate for their existience but rather you are responsible to exonerate and exhort your spirit."
Moi: "That exculpates me from excorating exclaimations that would excise and execrate my sings, however withe xegesis I see the exigency  and want to continually pursue with exiguous acts extol in an extemporaneous way which will urgo others to extirpate their truth and extort their mediocrity by extruding it and exuding it as I exult over them."
Soul:  "Ah, Though this exposutulations extenuates their view, however be true to thyself dear one, to thyself be true."
Adieu E.  "Ah souvenir trop dous, image trop cruelle, hela ames jenous j'lentends je le voix.  Helas, a mes genous, je le voix.  Je le voix, je l'entends........."
Soul:  "You are enterprising and enumerate erudite qualities that others may try to erode and equivocate their pursuit of mediocrity and their ethos of

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