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My Beach Wedding
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My Muse Writing Shoes
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

GRE: My Alphabet Book for Grad Students by Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed. Copyright 2010

The Letter K

The knitting club at USF is very fun and unexpected at such an Institution filled with academia. I was really surprised when the head of the knitting club was actually able to teach me to knit. It is very relaxing,however I must warn you: it is terribly addictive. It is kindred to getting hooked on blogging or sometimes I view knitting as a killjoy for all my time that should be spent on academia and scholarship.

Similarly, you can knit together reading and knitting and even knotty and troublesome knaves are able to knit if taught very carefully. The kernel advantage of the knitting club is the useful activity as well as the interesting socialization every Friday between 12-4 in the Marshall Center.

In conclusion, it almost takes the knell of a bell or someone to stop by and show me their new Kindle to get my attention off the next knotty knitting project that I am working on. Finally, knitting kindles friendships and also creates kudos when you are able to wear your fancy knitting designer sweaters. Similarly, there aren't many knaves who knit therefore I really am enjoying the knitting club. Next week I am bringing my GRE word list to the knitting club where the ken will just keep on extending and extending.

Bye letter K

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