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My Beach Wedding
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

GRE: My Alphabet Book for Grad Students by Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed. Copyright 2010

The Letter L

Little needs to be said about the letter l except that there may be more latitude in our subject area. First of all there is going to be no lascivious or lustful discussion, however I may be slightly more lax in terms of keeping within the confines of modesty. Moreover, the largess of the letter l is something I am thankful for as I often languish in the languor of this letter. Especially when I sing Debussy's "C'est l'extase langourouse" What a luscious piece that truly is all text painting of the languor of love. C'est l'avie. I lived in Montreal and it was quite full of l'extase langourouse. The French culture is rather exciting and there is more lechery is some areas. However, for the most part Montreal is tres bien to live in. I learned the aria Juliette's Waltz by Gounod in Opera school at McGill. I studied with Karen Hunt who was an excellent lyric soprano and learned quite a bit as I did one full-time year of graduate music study. Lessons in diction for French, German and Italian from Dr. Evans were very helpful even now as I study at USF in my Master's in Voice performance with my superlative teacher Dr. Brad Diamond. He is not only an excellent singer and artist he is an intellectual figure that really has tremendous gifts.

Furthermore, I am hoping to laud his gifts in my study of the voice as I hope to write about his study in vocal pedagogy. He is truly the best voice teacher I have ever had and this is not lavish laud but well deserved praise for his merits. I am positive he will leave a legacy of scholarly research for the world to esteem him for his intellect and vocal pedagogy excellence.

Moreover, I don't want to appear as if I am lionizing him however sometimes it is important to list others accomplishments. Dr. Diamond is teaching me about my voice and he limns how I should sing quieter and more flexibly....perhaps the word is with a more lithe approach to singing versus hitting people over the head with sound.

I just log down all my vocal journeys and try to take note of new habits replacing the old.

It is so fun to learn again. I could just LOL with these lofty musings.

Good-bye letter L.
Looking forward to seeing you again someday.
That reminds me of the poems by Emily Dickenson. The song entitled "Bee, I'm Expecting You" will really lift you out of serious thoughts yet at times such distressing despair appears in her work.

Anyway, I have had

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