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My Beach Wedding
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

GRE: My Alphabet Book for Grad Students by Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed. Copyright 2010

The Letter M

The lucrative mournful laments of the other letters luster and lurk behind this letter M post. It is almost maculated by the other letters machinations in their "danse macabre." This is the opportune time to sing a madrigal or act with magnanimity in a magisterial type of role; however, I much prefer the maelstrom of the magniloquent medley of melifluous melodies.

This post is really focused on the manifestations of malleable malapropism. This is a tempting treat for a marked advancement of this letter over the others. Though m may be rather mealymouthed in speech the medley is definitely not mediocre. "M" has a penchant for meandering and sometimes maverick ways. Therefore, "m" may be one of my favorites as I am not a mawkish or sentimental woman but rather a maverick.

Therefore, it would be best for us to not melee with this letter and rather than become a mendicant and have to ask for forgiveness; let's just stay away from the letter M as it has a somewhat malevolent and Machiavellian manner. For instance, "m" is magniloquent,yet often called a malefactor and malevolent malfeasance. I wouldn't go as far to say it is malicious however "m" easily maligns and apparently is manifested in words such as mendacious which are not things we want to encourage in our lives.

In conclusion, "m" is rarely used to mediate tension in my book but rather a master of mischief and we need to move on to "n' very soon in order to avoid the megalomania followed by the melancholy. It is not mischance or miscreant's forcing their miserly misery on us, but rather meretricious, mercurial mesmerizing mettle that swells up in our souls and exists alone as if in a microcosm and milieu of mystery.

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