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My Beach Wedding

My Beach Wedding
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My Muse Writing Shoes
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

GRE: My Alphabet Book for Grad Students by Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed. Copyright 2010

Letter J

Just in time for the jaunty melody of J. Don't worry I won't use any jargon or jaded justifications about why we are the way we are? I will just take you on a jaunt of juicy jabber in a jocular way. This letter is really jovial and there is enough jubilation to encourage your soul. I am definitely not a jingoist and will not profess to purport that jibe; however I will use jurisprudence that I learned in my law class to juxtapose educational leadership writings mixed in with my Amazon store and the fun fashion finds I joke about.

Hence, the truth is there just isn't justification for this stop at this juncture on our junket. I never before in my life ever thought of a trip as a junket but you learn something new everyday. Especially if you visit me here at the Creative Muse. It is absolutely not a junta where there may be crushing juggernauts hitting you on the head. No, not here..Just the simple jocular jests of J on this jovial jocund jaunt; or if you prefer this jovial jocund junket.

Well have a jolly and jovial day!!

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