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Monday, January 25, 2010

GRE Verbal agility and ability: An Alphabet Book for Graduate students by Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed.

The letter F
Flitting aimlessly and  horribly as if I was travelling through flow.  The environment was not one in which I could flourish in and without flouting convention I once again pronounced my flamboyant and fervent faze.  It seems to be a talent for many to keep their faze to themselves and appear as if their souls have found happiness; unfortunately, I strive for a higher level of truth and need to out the frailty and faults that are the undercurrents of rhetoric that is full of fallacies. The facade in which many hide behind when studied in detail remains but an extrinsic coat that is worn to exempt the individual from independent thought.  This facile  facade is fabricated of facsimiles that often are coupled with factious groups that have fallacious and fallible ways.  This figurative coat they wear to feint and feign a fecundity in their existence is actually the sign of a soul who has lived a life of limited introspection.  This individual is like drifting flotsam and fluctuate like a ship in the wind that often proves their fledgling and feckless nature.  This character is not a figment of my imaginiation but rather the average fatuous human.  This may not seem felicitous expression for many or rather perhaps some would view this description as a fell blow at the average individual.  The individual and the essential nature of the human being is not my point of contention but rather the farce that is fatuous and often  accompanies by lives that are lived in fraudulent intentions.  Following as William Ernest Henley states in his poem "Invictus" ....."the menace of the years" (Henley, 1875), the discerning individual is more forthright and proceeds in their life to live directed by a spirit filled with  fortitude.  Fulminating others existence wasn't my intention in the letter F, however my at time fractious  nature fosters  this funereal and futile foray into the philosophy of the lost.
Consequently, this position leaves the soul forlorn and foments negative thoughts and feelings which is completely contrary to my intentions as a Christian and my mission to "live as Jesus would."  Therefore, once again I repent of this frantic and fractious verbal fracas and once again rest on the fulcrum of the foundation of the Bible as the better way to view the faults and foibles of all mankind.  The topic of fallacies is something that is truly an art.  Many may obscure a situation  in order to lead others astray; however I see it as my mission in life to point out their fallacies which may be inductive fallacies.  These inductive fallies are quite commom in weak arguments or poorly written rhethoric, however one may learn to discern a  inductive fallace from observing the frigidity of the atmosphere which permeates the environment where fake people exist.

Forgive me F as I lift my soul to focus on not the foible of humanity but rather the great glory that awaits us as we turn to our next letter G.


Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed.

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